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Emerging Global Services, LLC (EGS) and Above the Standard Procurement Group Announce Strategic Partnership

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Emerging Global Services, LLC (“EGS”) and Above the Standard Procurement Group® Announce Strategic Partnership

Phoenix, Arizona - December 14, 2015 – Emerging Global Services, LLC (“EGS”), a leading provider of Emerging Labor and Technology BPO solutions, with its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, today announced a strategic partnership with Above the Standard Procurement Group®, Inc. (Above the Standard), a Global Leader in Profit Maximization and Business Growth Services.  Above the Standard is a privately owned company, located in Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

As we were looking to expand our relationships, we found Above the Standard and implemented this strategic partnership opportunity.  One of EGS’s goal is to grow globally through strategic alliances, and Above the Standard will allow us to achieve these levels through their incredibly strong network channels, relationship business model, and client driven strategy.

I believe we will not only bring value to clients, but also have positive growth in tandem with  with Above the Standard. Together we will make a major difference and we are honored to be part of this strategic partnership.

Above the Standard

Above the Standard Procurement Group®, Inc. increases profits for organizations around the globe through procurement, financial, and business growth services.  Our proven 30+ year track record has increased profits in the tens of billions of dollars for organizations all over the globe.  Above the Standard can be viewed at http://www.ATSProcurementGroup.com.

Above the Standard’s proven track record has helped small to large organizations in most industries increase profits at an average of 28.2% increase, 98% of the time for our engaged clients in all procurement cost reduction and finance cases!

The core services provided by Above the Standard include, but are not limited to: cost reduction, procurement outsourcing, cost analysis, market research, supply chain management, finance, procurement training, direct and indirect procurement, strategic sourcing, category management, supplier relationship management, procurement transformation, and other services. 

Emerging Global Services, LLC

Emerging Global Services, LLC has eight (8) year’s experience that provides expertise in emerging business process outsourcing (BPO) and technology solutions, which includes:  Operations in North America, Mexico, Africa and Japan.

Emerging Global Services, LLC, founded in 2007, is located in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. 

Emerging Global Servicers, LLC (“EGS”) (www.emergingglobal.com) is a global holding company delivering innovative labor and technology solutions for the business process outsourcing (BPO) and call center industry.  EGS owns and operates the following four (4) companies:  Ashesi Global Services, Inc. (“AGS”), an offshore and nearshore BPO provider operating in the emerging labor markets of Africa, Mexico, and Okinawa, Japan, Tree Rings LLC, a U.S. BPO provider focused on the emerging labor market of boomer adults in North America with call centers located next to retirement communities in North America, Support Force, a U.S. BPO provider focused on the emerging labor market of family members of our service men and women with call centers located next to military bases, and One6One, a cloud-based, multi-channel, contact center technology platform blending live video, voice, chat, email, sms, social media, and web interactions from your mobile customers into one simple interface for your agents.

Our core services include inbound and outbound call center customer service, sales, lead generation and technical support across eight global locations in English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Japanese, Korean and Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin).  Our focus is developing new and emerging sources of labor and technologies that improves the customer experience, drives revenues and lowers costs for our clients.

“Steve Shefveland, Founder and CEO, is very excited to partner with Above the Standard Procurement Group®, Inc.  They have a world-class organization that is focused on delivering results for their clients around the world.  We look forward to bringing our talent, technology and unique labor solutions to their customers with the same dedication they bring to their customers.”

"Ted Landgraf, CEO, is very excited about this partnership with Emerging Global Services, LLC.  EGS will provide incredible value for future clients in many industries.  Both our organization and EGS will fulfill their mission of serving the client with best value and customized solutions that support each organizations core competencies."

Above the Standard is located throughout the globe with its headquarters in Washington, D.C., U.S.A.  Founded by Mr. Ted Landgraf, they have more than three decades of delivered results.

We are extremely excited to partner with Above the Standard!

Emerging Global Services, LLC

Steve Shefveland, Founder



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